The Great Gate


How do you get the Dharma practice in under the skin and right into the heart chakra?


If you have been practicing meditation, zazen, vipashyana, Dzogchen, but feel that you are not getting anywhere really, what do you do? Please know, you are not the first one. Thousands of others have had the same problem.


There is a key to transform a superficial practitioner into a genuine practitioner. The key is to make your mind so ready to realize its own nature, that it only takes a little push from a wisdom teacher to set you on the highway, travelled by all enlightened ones. That key is a very powerful mind-training from the innermost tantras.


This training has several aspects, all of which are designed to open up this mind, loosening the tight grip we have on me and mine. You can find that key in The Great Gate.


My teacher Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche was as a teenager servant of the author for a while. So when he gave the text to me to translate, he did it very happily, because he had received it from the master in person. Tulku Urgyen also emphasized that it would become very important for Dzogchen practitioners in the future. He said that it will remove any hindrance they may have to progress. He made sure I understood every single word. And he explained every meaning very carefully to me, some more than once.


I believe that this key helped me to translate in particularly way, making the teachings practical and applicable rather than just information. The practice is to make sure to build a house on solid bedrock, rather than upon a frozen lake in the winter.

The key is called ngondro, the foundation for Vajrayana.



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