Shamatha & Vipashyana
May 1 - 4, Gomde U.K.


This course is a personal journey of discovery through a series of insights that bring sensible and realistic confidence in the Buddha's truths. Through four steps—two steps of shamatha and two steps of vipashyana—we go through a complete path from Tibet's Buddhist tradition.


1. Shamatha is a gentle and quiet way of being. It is introduced and practiced as a natural presence. We put shamatha to the test, both when we sit down and during activities. We also investigate if this gentle presence can be destroyed by thoughts, feelings and sensations.


2. This discovery and further training is expanded to be the basis of the four boundless qualities: love, compassion, rejoicing and impartiality. We are introduced to tonglen-practice and the bodhisattva's awakening mind.


3. Vipashyana is introduced on the foundation of shamatha's gentle presence. We explore consciousness, its contents and are introduced to the Buddha's four seals in the form of insight through experience.


4. This insight through vipashyana opens up natural and serene presence that is spontaneously willing to work and be in the world in a completely unselfish way.


This style of teaching is from the oral lineage of Tibet's wisdom tradition. It brings the Buddha's teachings into the core of our lives when we get our personal experiential insight explained. The Tibetan mindfulness tradition—here presented as an discovery course—always takes place in a context where compassion and understanding are the two main elements.


During the retreat, Erik gives each participant private guidance so that you can make progress from your personal stage of development.


Homepage and registration: Rangjung Yeshe Gomde Buddhist Centre, Lindholme Hall, U.K.