Rethink Meditation
How to be free and natural

April 17 - 19, Helsinki Finland




Meditation retreat with Erik Pema Kunsang


This retreat will take you on a journey of discovery through your own consciousness. I will show you how to train in natural presence which is both gentle and intelligent. Together we will explore how natural presence can be stable, kind and free. This direct experience opens up for your deeper naturalness and serene presence, so you discover the ability to live and be in the world in a spontaneous and unselfish way.


The purpose of retreat is to make us more ready to deal will all aspects of life. We will train with difficult thoughts, feelings, stress and anxiety to see how a natural and gentle presence softens the seriousness we invest in our strong emotions.


This training system of Tibetan mindfulness is connected with love and insight, which expand further and further until you yourself are a buddha. This teaching comes through the Dzogchen master Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche and his sons. During the retreat Erik gives each participant the opportunity for private guidance.


Whether you are spiritual, religious, atheist or open-minded, this retreat will help you further and deeper. Everyone is welcome.