Rainbow Painting


Dzogchen is also known as Great Perfection and Ati Yoga. It is regarded as the highest teaching in the Tibetan lineage of Buddhism and traces its origin back millions of years to the beginning of this galaxy.


Many meditators have told me that Rainbow Painting holds a very special place in their heart because it gives a complete Dzogchen overview of how to combine practice, love and the deepest wisdom.


Rainbow Painting is a collection of many talks the Dzogchen master Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche gave to his students. He introduces the ultimate potential in human beings: that the awakened state discovered by every buddha is available to all of us since it is the very nature of our consciousness.


Rainbow Painting presents the perspective behind the nature of mind. It’s not difficult to read, and is an excellent guide for people searching for the truth through experiencing what is always innately present. It is full of fascinating stories about Dzogchen masters and about people who by practicing meditation reached freedom and enlightenment. Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche’s devotion to his own teachers shines through in every word and inspires the reader to move from theory to real experience.

Tulku Urgyen was a true yogi. His beautiful life was a crystal clear example of the teachings he gave: that the natural state of mind, exactly as it is, need not be sought elsewhere than in ourselves. While almost never leaving the meditation box he lived in, his words and understanding reached around the world to inspire thousands of people. In my humble opinion, the Dzogchen tantras and the living lineage of realization were fused together in him.



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